The Secret of Time is the key to the unlocking of Consciousness.  Trapped in the endless loops of Cause and Effect, the Human Mind treads a rough and twisting road through Life’s experiences and is caught, like a fish in the fleeting Net of Now, cast between a fast receding Past and an unknown Future.

Time has many secrets and through their study and understanding we can extend our knowledge of the world we inhabit and truly liberate ourselves from the bondage and constrictions imposed upon our consciousness and get to truly understand why we are here and the meaning of Life Experiences.

Some would say that Time’s ultimate secret is that it does not exist!  There is only an eternal Now. This strange enigmatic perspective carries a Zen-like quality that has no direct answer, but reveals great insight through the attempts to fathom and understand its meaning.  It seems we live in a world of appearances and between Existence and Non-Existence are many shades of grey from pure white to black.  For this reason, by exploring the many secrets of Time, we will come to understand the very essence of Existence; its meaning and purpose.

For some the Universe has no purpose…. At one end of the scale of this thinking it is a totally random event, even in all its nuances, complexities and the enigma of its supposed beginning, or, at the other end, it just IS and is beyond description or understanding. To such comments we can respond that they do not understand, or have not considered, the secrets of Time.  In actuality, Time has many secrets, one of which is to transform IS-ness into Being-ness; Infinity into the Finite, and seemingly random processes or unrelated events into the sequentially meaningful and unbreakable strung pearls of Causes and Effects that represent the matrix of existence in which we (Being-ness) exist.  In this universe there appear to be many matrixes and dimensions, but, in all cases, the invisible threads of Time are woven into their fabric.

In a similar way that Energy can be equated to Velocity, as demonstrated by Einstein’s famous equation E=MC^2, so too Time has been shown to be related to, and interchangeable with, Space.

In our universe, as perceived by our consciousness, there could be nothing without the condition of Duality.  It is through the aegis of Duality that any governing Laws and Principles are able to exist.  In the physical universe, as we understand it existentially and in its purest essence, the key components of duality are Space, Time and Motion.  Out of these three flows the phenomenal universe whose beat, or intrinsic frequency of vibration, is set by a Time-flow the value of which is related to the interactive dynamic between the movement of Electromagnetic Energy (Light) through the Medium of Space at velocities equated to the constant of the Speed of Light.  This view and understanding of the world we call Space-Time.

The concept of Time, as something that flows, would not be complete until we also recognise the flip-side, or mirror image, of Duality where, in a world labelled as Time-Space by modern day scientists, the roles of Space and Time are reversed.  In Space-Time we measure how long it takes to travel a distance from A to B.  In Time-Space we measure the distance we must travel to get from last week to today!  The “visible” topography of Space-Time is space, distance, which we observe when we look left and right.  Objects are separated by the time it takes to get from one place to another. The “visible” topography of Time-Space are temporal events laid out sequentially to our left and right, and require traversing a distance to move backward and forward between them.

Taken together, Space-Time and Time-Space provide a more complete understanding of the world, the universe that we inhabit, and lays the foundations for understanding even more that lies in dimensions and spaces beyond the simple five-sensorial vision of our material world.  

In a world of pure Energy, the fact of the existence of Time reveals the presence of an invisible hand whose designs show Intentionality and purpose in this universe.

The Constitution of Our Being

The Secrets of Time are infused into the very constitution of our Being:

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Universality, undifferentiated and Time-less.  The Spark - A holographic fragment of the Oneness.

The essence of archetypal Being.  Transcendent of Time yet containing the potential to Be anything and everything.  Unconditional Love and Compassion. Serving others. Un-watered Seeds of experience.

Higher Mind.  The origins of Self-Consciousness.  The synthesis of thoughts and ideas into their formless essence.  Feelings and Intuitive perceptions.  Timeless Wisdom and Understanding through the Light of the Self.  The highest concepts of Reality.

Lower Mind.   The Human Ego existing in the web of Duality, Cause and Effect.  Shrouded in Darkness.  Serving only itself.  The Ring-Pass-Not.  The realm of phenomenality and the creation of Time.  The experience of Life and Death.

The Bridge.  The Fall and subsequent ties to karmic existence and incarnation.   The Wheel of Necessity.  Alchemy, Crucifixion and the Transformation of Matter into Spirit.  

Desire.  Emotions, flowing to and fro in the incessant and dynamic swing of the Pendulum.  The pure servant of Time and its perpetual cycles.  The watered Seeds of experience.

The archetypical dynamic physical.  Thoughts create Desire which create Forms:  As you Think so you will Become.

The inert physical, matter.  The entrapment of Light and Consciousness.  The illusion of Form.  The lowest concepts of Reality.  That which has become.  The graveyard of Time.